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Review: The Cuban Revolution

Raul's Sampler

In honor of finishing a big freelance project, my boy treated me to a fantastic dinner last night at The Cuban Revolution in Durham. For drinks, I ordered the Cuban Sunrise and my boy got the Cuban Revolution Old-Fashioned. The sunrise was a perfect layered drink with rum, pineapple juice, and grenadine. It was sweet without being headache-inducing. The Old-Fashioned was a deceiving concoction of what appeared to be fruity ingredients, but turned out to be straight whiskey, which I graciously offered to drink for him.

For tapas we got the fried green beans, chips and black bean salsa, and guacamole. They were all fantastic, especially the green beans. My only complaint is that after asking the waitress and calling twice to ask whether the green bean breading is in fact vegan, I am still not convinced that they were giving me a straight answer. It would be really fantastic to see this place (and many others) point out allergens on their menu. Anyway, the green beans were so good, they are inspiring me to fry my own at home, so I know those will be 100% vegan.

I ordered Raul’s Sampler for my entree, which consisted of black beans and rice, maduros, and tostones. By itself, the beans and rice were enjoyable, but I added guacamole, salsa, and the maduros to the bowl and mixed it all up. After that, every bite was amazing. The tostones, which are mashed and fried plantain slices, were really not very good. They have almost no identifiable flavor and the texture isn’t too hot either. I will steer clear of those the next time I go… I don’t know if it’s an acquired taste, but they just didn’t do it for me.

Overall, the meal was excellent and I had a great time with my devilishly handsome companion.

Fruity Protein Smoothie

Fruity Protein Smoothie Ingredients

It’s a bit warm here in North Carolina today. 97 degrees warm and grievously humid, to be exact. Luckily I had all the ingredients to make one of my favorite treats, a fruit and soy protein smoothie. I eat one of these for breakfast almost every other day, because it is so easy to throw together before I run out the door for work. It’s also a low-fat, super easy, and delicious way to get a boost of energy that will tide you over until lunchtime. I shared this one with my Mom, and it really hit the spot.

For the protein, I use Whole Foods brand vegetarian Soy Protein Powder in vanilla flavor.  Before I went vegan, I used either The Biggest Loser Protein or Aria Women’s Protein, which are both brands of “designer whey.”  Whey is a byproduct of milk, so I had to give up whey protein in my smoothies when I kicked dairy. All three brands of protein powder are delicious. I can’t even tell the difference between soy protein and whey protein in a smoothie like this; the flavor really comes from the fruit – everything else is just creamy filler.

Fru-Fru Protein Smoothie Ingredients

1 scoop Vanilla Soy Protein Powder
1/3 cup Soy Milk
1/3 cup Orange Juice
1 whole ripe banana, peeled
1 cup frozen mixed fruit
1 tsp. stevia (or any sweetener)
1 cup ice

Dump all ingredients in your blender, and puree until smooth and creamy.

About Me


Welcome to More Squash Please! I’m Hilary and I want to share my vegan experiences with you. I have been vegetarian for about ten years, and I decided to take the plunge and go vegan in May 2010. Since then, my health has improved drastically, and it feels good to know that I am not contributing to horrific factory farming practices.

Besides being a newbie vegan foodie, my hobbies include comic books, crossword puzzles, jogging, Nicolas Cage movies, and hanging out with my buddy Domo. I’m a full-time graphic designer, and I also freelance in my spare time.

My favorite foods are tofu, fried okra, eggplant, mango, and squash, of course!

I would love to talk to fellow veggies, so if you want to chat, email me at

Domo helps me make Valentine cookies

Domo helps me make Valentine cookies

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