Welcome to More Squash Please! I’m Hilary and I want to share my vegan experiences with you. I have been vegetarian for about ten years, and I decided to take the plunge and go vegan in May 2010. Since then, my health has improved drastically, and it feels good to know that I am not contributing to horrific factory farming practices.

Besides being a newbie vegan foodie, my hobbies include comic books, crossword puzzles, jogging, Nicolas Cage movies, and hanging out with my buddy Domo. I’m a full-time graphic designer, and I also freelance in my spare time.

My favorite foods are tofu, fried okra, eggplant, mango, and squash, of course!

I would love to talk to fellow veggies, so if you want to chat, email me at moresquashplease@gmail.com.

Domo helps me make Valentine cookies

Domo helps me make Valentine cookies

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