Me and Chef Billy

Me and Chef Billy

I am very proud to announce that my Peanut Tofu Wrap won third place in Lowe’s Foods “Best Restaurant in Town: Your Kitchen!” Recipe Contest!  The winners were honored last night at Bleu Restaurant in Winston-Salem. There were 10 winners, one grand prize and 3 each in women’s, men’s, and children’s categories. There were over 350 entries! I’m really psyched that a vegan recipe won a prize; it just goes to show you that eating vegan can be super tasty!

My dinner at Bleu was excellent. I had a lemonhead martini, Chinese flat noodles with barbecue tofu, and a mango sorbet for dessert. The menu at Bleu is very seafood and meat heavy, but there are a few veggie options, and the martinis were superb.

It was great to talk to the other contest winners, especially the kids who won in the “Fixing My Own Lunch Box” category. The kids’ winning recipes were a kiwi strawberry lunch pocket, fresh spring rolls, and a spinach lasagna. Yum!

Billy Parisi, the official chef of Lowe’s Foods, presented me with my certificate and my prize, a set of non-stick cookware. Chef Billy does a lot of instructional cooking videos that are on the Lowe’s Foods website.  There’s an orange chicken recipe video up now that looks like it could be easily veganized.

I’m so stoked that my vegan meal won a prize, and I can’t wait to try out my new cookware. Thanks Lowe’s Foods!

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