My crêpe with mixed berry sauce

Kim Barnouin’s Skinny Bitch cookbook is quickly becoming my go-to for deliciousness. I made her Crêpes with Raspberry Sauce for brunch on Sunday, and they were so decadent. Instead of raspberries, I used some frozen mixed berries for the sauce (that’s why it looks dark purple instead of red). The crepes were fluffy and light, but crisp on the edges, and the sauce was simple and perfectly sweet. Next time I make these, I think I’ll make the berry sauce and also make some chocolate sauce to drizzle.

I have to admit, I am seriously impressed by this cookbook. I am starting to like it more than The Kind Diet, which was the book that made me switch to veganism in the first place. I also need to get Veganomicon, which my friends all rave about. What do you think? Should I get Veganomicon or is there another cookbook that beats them all?

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