Mutant cookies

Flourless Mutant Cookies sans Coconut

I’ve had a pretty hard time finding a good vegan cookie recipe since my “change.” That kinda makes it sound like I turned into a werewolf, doesn’t it? Anyway, I found the most amazing cookie recipe on Wing-It Vegan’s website. These chocolate cookies are flourless, which I had never even considered before. They are so chocolatey and moist, and the recipe is uber-versatile so you can put it more or less chocolate chips, take out the coconut (which I did for this batch), use peanut butter for almond butter, whatever floats your boat.

You are going to think the batter is too liquidy to put on the cookie sheet, but trust me, it is just right. These cookies are almost like a mix between brownie and fudge consistency, and they really do get better the second day. Go bake them now! (The recipe is in the link above).

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